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$25 a hr for estimate / consulting,that's if we don't get the job, due to the cost to cover truck and gas or SEND PICTURES for FREE ESTIMATE to and we will shoot it back very quickly with a fair price to resolve your problems with a license ,insured professional .

$50 to $75 for the 1st hour depends on job and history with us .After the first hour $30 to $50 an hour after that and depends on job and history.$1000 limited per agreement on ever job. We do not provide material to jobs ,customer's supply all material.(we do in certain situations) Sorry we are not a loan institution & need to be payed.   

Windows & DOORS


We will change out or install new & used plumbing fixtures ,toilets , garbage disposal ,sinks ,shower pans ,tubs ,faucets ,shower heads ,shower valves ,small remodel jobs. We do not do sewer work or unplug toilets ,sinks or drains. 

Greg Matta

Handy man cost


Official Handy Men / Part time Construction consultant ,Superintendent ,Project manager. We have Built it all ,so we can fix it all. Remodel ,Custom & Track home's ,Commercial Buildings, High rise residential ,TI's.You name it and we have built it ? We do repair it all for a FAIR PRICE, also correctly done the first time and quickly since 1977.Let us help you save money and get it done.If its not done by us cost efficiently, we will tell you who to go to to save money if needed. Remember you pay for what you get, when you don't use the right people and they don't do it right the first time you lose .So don't lose please and i hope you have official team doing your work. 



Coming soon in to production Perfect Window Reveal System's



Handy man


Whether it's a small electrical repair or a large one, we're here to help you get it fixed with, or with out us . We also install TV's,Stereos's ,speakers,computers,sound systems.IT work ,installing programs,networking,set up Facebook ,Linkedin ,Skype,etc,etc. Got a mess under your desk ? wires every where ? Yes we do that too